TAVIQ among TOP 9 European WealthTech companies

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Fintech News Switzerland lists us in TOP 9 European WealthTech companies to watch for 2017! We are honored and appreciate this mention as a WealthTech expert. We definitely see year 2017 as the year of changes and opportunities for the wealth management and private banking sector. For us, it will certainly be a year of growth in this interesting area.


Introduction to WealthTech

We talk more often about FinTech than WealthTech in this blog. WealthTech is a niche within the larger FinTech umbrella that is disrupting the entire financial sector. It is the intersection of wealth management and technology, where investment advice and asset management meets software, data analysis and other technology.

However, wealthTech is not only about technology-based solutions. It’s also about the service innovations and new business models that new technology empowers. For investment advisors, wealth managers, and private bankers, this means having several ways of improving their processes and communication with their clients at their fingertips. At the same time, clients want better digital services and easy access to their data on the go — much the same way they would when booking a ride with Uber or finding a route with GoogleMaps.



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2017 Trends in WealthTech

The most important trends in WealthTech in 2017 are

  • robo-advisory and automatisation,
  • AI, machine learning, data mining and other analytics,
  • customized services, and
  • cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

All of these have the potential to offer new ways of delivering a more personal service while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Pressure to lower fees drives solutions that help achieve cost benefits and productivity gains. According to Cap Gemini Top Trends in Wealth Management for 2017, these may be achieved with AI and analytics solutions, such as robo-advisors and automatization of repetitive tasks. This will affect the entire industry and all customer segments, including private banking and high net worth (HNW) individuals. According to robo-advisory company Betterment’s Jon Stein, their largest customer has $10 million invested with the company.

Another option are those tools that provide relationship managers and advisers with powerful solutions so that they can serve their clients more effectively. This means that more potential clients convert into paying customers in the acquisition process. It also means that existing customers feel more satisfied with the customized service they get, so you lose less of your existing customers to the competitors. Both Deloitte and PwC note that delivering your service in digital channels as well as through human interaction is the way forward with all clients from millennials to baby boomers.

Understanding your customer and catering for their needs and likes is the way forward in WealthTech. In a 2017 outlook, Deloitte says that those “firms that enhance the customer experience and position advice, insight, and expertise as components of value should have a strong chance to set themselves apart from their competitors”.


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