TAVIQ Launches Practical Training Courses for FinTech

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Are you interested in launching your own Fintech venture? Are you uncertain if your competence, knowledge, and confidence is enough to take part into a new fascinating digital financial services development project that your employer is planning? We are here to help.




We at TAVIQ have helped various companies including International Banks and Wealth Management companies to develop and successfully launch new fintech services and products. Now we are sharing our understanding and practical know-how for learners who want to pursue a career in fintech or to develop their own fintech business. Our aim is to help you if you are planning to launch your own fintech business or if you are planning to participate in fintech development projects during your career.

Our courses are very practical and we derive the content from real-life fintech projects that we have built. The content will cover areas from the business side, from the project management side as well as from the technical side. The depth of coding will vary depending on the course type.

Here’s some examples of the content of the upcoming courses:

  • Introduction to Fintech
  • Subsegments in Fintech (WealthTECH, etc.)
  • Who and which skills do you need for different kind of Fintech ventures?
  • Practical tools (technologies and business management) for Fintech projects
  • Different key roles in Fintech project management
  • Design! Design! Design! (The importance of design)
  • Real-life “how to build” examples from selected Fintech projects (eg. how to build a Robo-Advisor)
  • What should you do next?
  • Which areas of Fintech are the most potential in the future?
  • Where to learn more?
  • How to start your own Fintech business?


Are you ready to join the Fintech revolution?


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