How to build a Robo-Advisor? E-Book for wealth managers

Download this guide to learn if you should build a Robo-Advisor and how to do it.

Wealth managers' guide on Robo-Advisor decision making

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Are you a wealth manager from 1980 or 2018?

Learn from our journey, our mistakes, and our expertise. This is the guide you need when researching Robo-Advisor wealth management concepts or when you are planning on investing in digital wealth management technologies such as Robo-Advisor platforms. Update your knowledge to the year 2018.

What do you get?

This Robo-Advisor E-book covers few things for wealth managers. Firstly, we discuss if you as a wealth manager should build a Robo-Advisor and for whom it makes sense. Secondly, we provide an overview on things you need to build a Robo-Advisor, and what makes a good Robo-Advisor. Lastly, we give ideas on how to differentiate your Robo-Advisor wealth management service.

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