Here's our resources center about financial technology and how to use it in wealth management and private banking for your benefit.

Top Technology Tools for Financial Advisors

Modern Financial advisors have to embrace technology to help their clients. However, the recent proliferation of tools might leave the average financial advisor baffled. There are too many choices in the marketplace. It is hard to navigate all the options and figure out which one is the best and what do you even need in […]

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27 . June . 2017

Best CRMs for financial advisors

Financial advisory practices revolve around strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM). New technology trends has given rise to automated digital platforms and services that are offered to financial advisory clients. As more and more services are having client-facing interfaces and they are operated with minimal or no human supervision from the advisory side, we expect to […]

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22 . June . 2017

Benefits using TAVIQ Profiler

  Here’s how you can get similar benefits. Client acquisition tunnel in wealth management and investment advising has few bottlenecks. These are the places where organizations spend most of the time and money related to client acquisition. Bottlenecks are where most potential clients drop-off from the tunnel.  

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31 . March . 2017