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Client Acquisition Tool

Client personality analysis tool for Nordea Private Banking

  • Nordea Private Banking is the private banking segment of the largest Nordic Bank. Nordea offers award winning private banking services for individuals with over 500.000 USD/EUR in investable assets.
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MiFID II Risk Profiling

Risk-Profiler to profile clients by analyzing their MiFIDII/KYC questions for United Bankers

  • United Bankers is a Finnish investment services group that started its operations in 1986. Today, UB offers a wide range of asset management products and services, fund management, investment banking and real assets investment solutions.
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Institutional Client Portal

Digital portal for institutional clients for Estlander & Partners

  • Estlander & Partners is a pioneering systematic asset manager from Finland. E&P is registered as CTA in the USA and offers trendfollowing strategies for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. E&P manages over USD 469 million in assets.
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Robo-Advisory Services

Taviq delivers modules that power the key Robo-functions on new Robo-Advisory services

  • Customer names cannot yet be disclosed. Contact us and we will provide you with more accurate details on what we have done on the Robo-Advisory field.
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