How we helped United Bankers to serve their clients better?

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The problem:

United Bankers (UB) was looking for a way to implement MiFID II compliant risk-profiling system for individual clients. UB wanted a solution that takes into account the complexities of risk-profiling, gets UB ready for MiFID II and brings added-value for the end-user. They wanted to deliver exclusive client experience to differentiate their service from competitors.

Our solution:

Taviq delivered Taviq Risk-Profiler to profile clients by analyzing their MiFID II/KYC questions. The solution includes risk-profiling logic and a component that matches client-risk profiles to suitable investments. Our solution was delivered as a back-end package to serve UB’s online-services and their in-branch client-facing tools.

The expected outcome:

The value proposition is to improve UB’s client experience by offering their clients more relevant and personalized product listings and help UB to have a systematic risk-profiling methodology in place across all channels.


More about United Bankers:

United Bankers is a Finnish investment services group that started its operations in 1986. Today, UB offers a wide range of asset management products and services, fund management, investment banking and real assets investment solutions.


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