How we helped Estlander & Partners to build a new digital platform?

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The problem:

Estlander & Partners (EP) wanted to launch a digital service for their institutional clients. They were looking for an agile provider who can deliver user-friendly online services for complex investments analysis and performance tracking.

Our solution:

Taviq delivered the so-called Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the online platform. The platform shows how clients’ investments are performing, displays relevant risk analytics, and carries the base for more advanced portfolio analytics tools. The platform is used by EP salespeople and it is used as a self-service reporting portal by over 50 institutional clients.

The expected outcome:

The value proposition was to have a modern way for institutional client reporting and to give them better client experience. In addition, the tool helps EP salespeople to shorten the sales cycle and improve sales.


More about Estlander & Partners:

Estlander & Partners is a pioneering systematic asset manager from Finland. E&P is registered as CTA in the USA and offers trend following strategies for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. E&P manages over USD 469 million in assets.


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