FinTech Training Programs

Digital change is here! Banks and financial institutions everywhere are pursuing massive digital transformation projects, but one clear problem has emerged:


“There aren't enough employees with the right skills to get the job done!”

TAVIQ FinTech Training Programs aim to get you ahead of the pack in building a FinTech career.

The demand for right people

There is a huge demand for people capable to deliver the digital change. Startups and banks are on the same side of the table on this one: “Where can we find enough people capable of working on the edge of FinTech revolution?”

Background for courses

Working at the top of an emerging field that blends technology, finance, user experience, design, and automation takes skill, courage, drive, precision, and humility to understand that you are never perfect. There is not enough practical courses and education that helps people to gain those skills and knowledge. That is why we launched our FinTech Training Programs.

One of Finland’s most innovative FinTechs

Finland is considered to be one of the global leaders in technology and innovation. We agree, and push to advance it even further.

Modern technology and methods

We work with agile methods, innovative solutions, and have a strong drive to success. TAVIQ is all about design, modern software and business culture practices.

Financial technology at its finest

Even though we’re young and just started our journey we have already developed leading FinTech solutions for banks and we continue to pursue new highs every day.

A place to grow and deliver

We value talent and constant self-development instead of formal education or work experience. We believe the best way to learn is to LEARN BY DOING. Our courses are about practical know-how.

Our courses

FinTech Career Booster Summer Training (Students’ edition): June 18th 2018 in Oulu, Finland

FinTech Career Booster Summer Training (Students’ edition): June 20th 2018 in Helsinki, Finland

FinTech Career Booster Training (Financial Professionals’ edition): August 23rd 2018 in Helsinki, Finland

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We update the upcoming courses on rolling basis. Courses are held either in English or Finnish, depending on the participators' language needs.

If you are looking for customized FinTech training, send us an email to and let's see if we can help you.

Juho Isola

MSc in Finance, Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Heikki Nättilä

Data scientist, +15yrs of programming