Pioneers in wealth management are going beyond KYC to know their clients. Learn here how.

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Value of knowing client's personality

Every person has their own personality. Personality type affects our decision making, buying decision behavior, and investment choices. This is why wealth managers and advisers need to understand client personalities to be able to communicate in a way that suits each client


Advisors need different sales approaches for different clients

How does your client prefer to get information? In charts, in text, in visuals, in speech? Knowing their natural communication style helps you to craft the most efficient sales tunnel and sales presentation for each new client


Making client experience personal can improve sales hit rate up to 60%

Yes, getting more personal touch to each step of the sales process brings sizable benefits. In this Ebook, we will show you the value of segmenting prospective clients based on personality traits and how to use this knowledge in concrete ways.

How to do personality analysis in wealth management?

To be usable in real life situations like in investment advising or sales, the personality evaluation method should not contain more than five different personality types. This ebook shows you most suitable ways to evaluate your clients personalities.

Learn how to spot personality types and how to build relationship with each type

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