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Client acquisition tunnel in wealth management and investment advising has few bottlenecks.

These bottlenecks are the places where organizations spend most of the time and money related to client acquisition. Bottlenecks are where most potential clients drop-off from the tunnel.

We at TAVIQ have delivered a new kind of client acquisition tool for a leading Nordic Private Bank. Here’s some examples of how something like this can benefit wealth managers and private bankers.




Each steps accumulates your costs

Losing the prospect after the first meeting means that the costs related to that prospect have to take into account the averaged cost of getting the lead, cold-calling the prospects, meeting preparations, and the actual meeting. The later in the client acquisition tunnel you lose the client the more you lose money and time.





Example 1: Small to mid-sized wealth management company

For example, if a company ends up getting 100 of new clients in a year. If we assume that they spent 500 000 € in total on all the activities related to acquisition (getting the lead-list, making phone calls, arranging meetings, etc.), the customer acquisition cost is then 5 000 € per acquired customer.

In their normal scenario the sales process looks something like this:




Using TAVIQ Profiling could improve their hit rate in the first steps of the sales process for example from 10% all the way to 60%. Even in the pessimistic scenario where we assume very moderate improvements this means that they get 31 new clients on top of the original 100 clients and therefore their customer acquisition cost per client is only 3 817 € instead of the original 5 000 per client €.

They saved 1 183 € per each new client. And remember, this is just a nice bonus on top of the revenue gained from the 31 new clients with the help of Taviq per each year.

The new Taviq enhanced client acquisition process now looks something like this:




Let’s assume their average fee is 2% of client assets per year and the average assets a new client brings is 200 000 €. This means that 31 new clients will bring 124 000 € in fees during one full year they stay as clients.


200 000 € x 2 % x 31 = 124 000 € worth of new fees


Even a small improvement in client acquisition will bring sizable and measurable sales, cost, and profit benefits. The lifetime value is of course a lot bigger as each client keeps on bringing money each year and new clients with improved efficiency are boarded in the following years too.

Using TAVIQ also has the potential to shorten sales cycle per each client and actually lower the customer acquisition costs a lot more.

In some cases the client acquisition might take three or four meetings (which means 4 – 6 months in most wealth management services) but understanding the client’s needs earlier and getting more knowledge on her behavioral tendencies have the potential to make the sale in just two or three meetings.


Example 2: Bank level customer acquisition

The numbers of course get bigger when we look at a company that operates in bigger scale. For example for a wealth management business unit of a bank, these numbers can be the following:




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