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Know Your Client's Personality (KYCP)

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The #1 way for prospect profiling

TAVIQ is a new way to profile financial services prospects. TAVIQ segments your incoming clients to DISC personality types so you know exactly how to communicate with each new client. Using TAVIQ helps you to increase sales hit rate up to 60%, shorten your sales cycle, and to deliver more personal client experience.

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How does your client prefer to get information? In charts, in text, in visuals, in speech? Knowing their natural communication style helps you to craft the most efficient sales tunnel and sales presentation for each new client. TAVIQ digs deep into your prospect pool and way beyond KYC. Each sales advisor has their own unique view to their own prospect pool. Sales management has a real-time view on performance on individual advisor level as well as on the group level.



Every person has their own personality. Personality type affects our decision making, buying decision behavior, and investment choices. This is why wealth managers and advisers need to understand client personalities to be able to communicate in a way that suits each client. TAVIQ's client recipe-book tells you how to close each new client. You will know exactly what each new potential client needs, wants, and how to deliver this in the most meaningful way to them.



Yes, getting more personal touch to each step of the sales process brings sizable benefits. Start using TAVIQ to profile your prospective clients. Deliver better client experience and be better prepared for each meeting.

Making client experience more personal can improve hit rate up to 60%

Improve Hit Rate

60% better hit rate on profiled prospects compared to non-profiled prospects

Shorten Sales Cycle

Reduce time from the first meeting to close

Improve Client Experience

Make client experience personal by understanding each client's personality from the first interaction

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