Delivering client insights for investment advisors

Improve your client acquisition and client experience processes with deeper understanding on client personalities

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What is TAVIQ?

TAVIQ is a digital tool that advisors use to profile their client's before their first meeting. TAVIQ analyses potential client's personality and communication style and delivers this analysis for advisors. Advisors then use this knowledge to tailor their interaction and services based on each client's individual preferences.

Private bankers, wealth managers and investment advisors love TAVIQ for its simplicity

Here's all you need to do

1. Invite prospects

Have your prospects profile themselves before the meeting

2. Know your prospects

Learn about your prospects' investment needs, investment style, and life situation

3. Gain insights

Learn about your prospects' personality type and how to communicate in their style

4. Win clients

Be better prepared for meetings, deliver better client experience, and win 60% more business

Improving client experience by making it more personal can bring you up to 60 % more business

Improve hit rate

60% better hit rate on profiled prospects compared to non-profiled prospects

Shorten sales cycle

Reduce time from the first meeting to close

Improve client experience

Make client experience personal by understanding each client's personality from the first interaction

Gain client insights

TAVIQ is a new way to know your clients. TAVIQ helps you to know which kind of a person the client is and delivers you powerful client recipe-book that gives you the details on how to serve each individual client.

Fits your sales process

Developed with private bankers and wealth managers to fit your sales process. Most commonly used in outbound sales.