Personalize client experience. Win more clients

TAVIQ is a tool that enables investment advisors to know potential client's personality and investment needs before you meet them

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TAVIQ is for private bankers, wealth managers and investment advisors

This is how you use it

1. Invite clients

Invite new potential clients to use the Profiler after you have agreed the meeting on phone

2. Collect knowledge

Collect knowledge on your client's investment needs, investment style, and life situation

3. Analyze personality

Visual way to understand your client's personality type and how to communicate to them efficiently

4. Win clients

Get actionable results on how to prepare for meetings and how to win more clients

High-performing advisors grow their business with our pre-meeting profiler

Increase sales

Know what your potential client needs and how to sell it

Prepare for meetings

Know how to prepare for meetings and tailor them to each client

Be systematic

Know your clients' personality types systematically

Know how to sell. One step earlier

This is a digitally enhanced way to know your investment services clients. Use TAVIQ Profiler to understand who your clients are and what they need. Be better prepared. Sell better. Get more clients.

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Personalized client experience

We help bigger teams to match every client to the most suitable advisor. Smaller teams gain by understanding how to communicate differently with each client. Improve your client experience by knowing client's personality type in advance